“Funk Soul Sister …”

“…check it out now! Funk So Sly, right about now”

Such a sight for sore eyes … one of our FAVORITE and TOP brands SLY has done it again.  Funky, loud, and undeniably stylicious! Our faves are the yellow sweetheart dress (with the black elastic waist that accentuates curves at all the right places) styled with the geometric chained purse, the one piece mesh satin tank dress (love the one piece combo), printed tanks, tees and skirt (did you see snoopy? too cute!), the stripe top styled with double button down skirt (skirts with pockets, our weakness), green belted bubble dress with the small studded purse, the silver 3/4 sleeve boyfriend jacket with slim fitted black pants and loose tank, and the button down vest with tie paired with a tight mini skirt and tights.

Wait a minute … thats everything!


~ by tokyoglam on May 12, 2009.

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