No words can express the euphoria we feel when all of our favorite brands are combined to make exquisite and painfully gorgeous styles …painful from the yearning of wanting .. no, needing every single piece in the collection.

Here’s a look at Shel’tter‘s fall/winter 2009 collection

Hooded Fur Coat by Moussy, so luxurious, so warm, such the fashion statement for winter … its the ultimate fashiongasm!

Fur Jacket and Leather Pant by Shel’tter Original … Chain Necklace by Moussy … very rockeresque.

Stud Trimmed Knitted Cardigan by Rodeo Crowns … Black Zip Up Bustier Dress and Wide Stud Belt by Rienda … Black Buckle Boots by Jel’emet Solo …usually we like a pop of color, but this all black number sure is a stunner.  The stud embelishments definitey gave us the “pop” factor.

Long Parka by Moussy and Metallic Bead Necklace by Shel’tter Original … the bold necklace is the star of this outfit, but the parka is a close runner up

Rabbit Fur Poncho by Shel’tter Orignal … Quiltted Chain Handbag and Hat by Sly … even though the poncho is thick, chunky, and furry, theres something very seductive and sleek that calls out to us

Red sweater by Sly … Low Waist Denim Jeans by Moussy … love the unique knitted flower detail on the sweater and the wash of the denim jeans, maybe its the posing but this a great casual sexy look

Dress and Necklace by Govil … Purple Satin Clutch by Rienda … the perfect little black dress look, clean and simple basic dress goes great with the bold  accessories

Blazer by E Moussy Extreme … Chain necklace and Crystal Ring by Govil … glamorous, chic, and sexy … what’s not to love?


~ by tokyoglam on November 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Fashiongasm”

  1. GORGEOUS hooded fur coat by moussy.

  2. Ok.. want EVERYTHING.. down to the accessories…..

  3. Love the styling and gorgeous girls! Totally would love every piece of their collections!

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