Moussy… Life of Lux

Black by Moussy is all about luxury pleasure … for instance, the grey animal printed fur coat with the suede over the knee boots (I can see myself in this outfit already *sigh*), the long down coat with striped sweater dress and unique mesh striped tights, and of course handbags … we absolutely love the grey ruched looking handbag  (all the outfits it can go with!).


~ by tokyoglam on January 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “Moussy… Life of Lux”

  1. That spotted fur coat looks SUPER luxurious… Totally want it!

  2. Gorgeous stuff. Where can I find?

    • unfortunately, they’re currently only available in asia (japan mostly) .. but hopefully we’ll be bringing it to the U.S. this coming fall! *fingers crossed*

  3. wow really? can’t wait! love the stuff 😀

  4. the fur coat is to die for!

  5. That would be sooo great if they sold in the us. Can’t wait. And keep me updated please!

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