I Spy …

New style trends on the horizon … Winter looks with a hint of Spring

1. Chanel inspired jackets – epitome of classic chic, this feminine look is a big transition from the rocker edge styles we’ve been seeing all winter.  This hint of spring look has a much softer appeal.

2. The New Maxi Dress – not just the typical rayon, polyester, spandex printed maxi dress, the new trend is to use an assortment of materials like lace, cottons, and knitted sweater in a variety of colors and prints from plaids, to florals, to stripes.  Another great transition piece into spring!

3. Jumpsuits –  We know what you’re thinking, seriously? Well leave it up to the Japanese to make it a fashion staple on this season’s trends … but hey, by looking at the outfits, styled correctly this “questionable” trend could possibly work.


~ by tokyoglam on January 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “I Spy …”

  1. yay for chanel inspired jackets ♥

  2. OMG i love that black jumpsuit… i want one ^^

  3. oOoo.. please bring over the chanel inspired jackets.. please!! I also love love the long striped dress with the boots.. so cute!

  4. After going through most of your blog.. I’ve come to the conclusion that I would seriously go broke if you guys sold any of the items advertised. So please don’t!.. but please DO.

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