Spring Trendwatch

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re here are some trends we’ve been seeing:

1. Denim “Dungaree” Shirts – This lay back item is great for spring and can be paired with many things and also layering

2. Beige & Brown – Spring seems to be all about earthy neutrals for that soft vintage appeal

3. Sabot Shoes a.k.a “Clogs” – Hold your breath, wait for it, clogs are back in fashion … and with knee-high socks! Inspired by the Alexander Wang runway, tokyo fashions are bringing this item back onto the hip trend scene.

4. Nautical Stripes – the nautical theme was the hot trend last spring, but it looks like its all about those blue and white stripes this season.

5. The Mickey Tee – guess we will be heading down memory lane this season with our beloved childhood Disney character … brings a bit of whimsy and fun to an outfit, its alway nice to feel young again!

6. “Miliyah” Hat – these hats inspired by the famous Japanese singer Miliyah are up and coming this spring … it has a military, boyish feel that goes perfectly with the ongoing military trend we’ve been seeing the past couple seasons

7. One Pieces – As we’ve stated in a previous post, jump suites are back in this spring … but also making an appearance is a blast from the past, overalls!

8. Western Boots – this wild west shoe is a nice wardrobe piece sure to bring that “pow” into an outfit … and comes in all shapes and forms from short to tall and fringe to studs.

9. Frilly Mini’s –  Tight bandage mini’s are gone this season, bring on frills, tiers, and lace oh my!

10. French One Pieces – dresses & rompers inspired by the parisian look is back into play … soft colors and florals are the key design elements for this look.


~ by tokyoglam on February 10, 2010.

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