Summertime Essentials

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Summer is just around the corner and its time to stock up the closet with some essentials!!

1. The back detail … this summer its all about the back detail.  From cutouts & bows, to backless and lace … this trend is sure help fight the summer heat. BTW, the bows along the back is adorable!

2. The Crop top and The Button Down Blouse … these 2 key items are a MUST this summer, especially the crop top! Whether you’re for or against this iconic 80s fashion trend, its making a HUGE comeback with a modern styling touch.  Button ups are always good to have and can essentially be paired with anything … we love it tucked into a fitted striped skirt, or slouchy floral skirt … key is to keep it lightweight and breezy!

3. Paisley print … tunics, skirts, maxi’s, vests, blouses, u name it this print is everywhere! If you’re not a big fan of florals, this is a good alternative to add that touch of color to your summer wardrobe 🙂


Golden Afternoon

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We were so excited to see one of our favorite fashion bloggers wearing a TokyoGlam item … the Govil Gold Rope Bracelet!! Located in the lovely  SF, Liz of Late Afternoon has become an inspiration to the many gals (including us) who turn to her for that vintage style aesthetic that we crave.  It’s awesome that she was able to incorporate a bit of TokyoGlam into some of her gorgeous daily outfits 🙂 We love you Liz!

Outfit #1:

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

( via Late Afternoon)

Btw, our friends over at Threadsence is featuring her as their Blogger Hot Minute!

Feeling Inspired

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One of our favorite models in Vivi is Chikako … she makes all the clothes look so good! Favorite inspiring outfits are:

#3 suspenders are making a comeback and we love how its paired with a loose tee & boater hat.

#10 loose crop top paired with a maxi dress was one of our favorite style trends we witnessed in Tokyo … very casual chic … and the chunky necklace that adds a boldness to the outfit.

#15 has a modern bohemian touch … casual tee brings down the frill of the full lace skirt and the headband adds a cool quirk to the outfit.

#20 what can I say, I’m a sucker for dark military looks

All the outfits have an effortless style and can be worn as everyday casual looks, which we LOVE.  Need to look around to re-create some of these inspiring outfits 🙂

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

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For a blog dedicated to Tokyo fashion, it must be weird to see a post on food … BUT since Dee & I are also food lovers as much as fashion lovers, we didn’t want to deny you of the wonderful food adventure we had while in Tokyo.  Hey, as long as we stay within the “Tokyo” guidelines should be ok right? I’m sure you guys won’t mind 🙂 Prepare yourself, you’re gonna get very hungry …

Ankimo (monkfish liver) with ponzu @ Midori

crab liver & steam egg

Sushi platter – Toro (Fatty Tuna), Medium Toro, Unagi (Fresh Water Eel), Amebi (sweet live shrimp), Uni (sea urchin),  Smelt Egg, and Crab sashimi

Takaballs … sounds gross but so good!!

Shabu Shabu & Yakiniku

Grilled beef Tongue … don’t knock it til you try it!

Kobe & Crab Legs

Yuzu & Strawberry sorbet

Spicy Miso Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen … our second bowl!

Fried Camembert Cheese … little bits of heaven

Lunch @ Joel Robuchon’s Le Chateau

Amuse Bouche – Basil Jelly with Grapefruit and Mint

Froie gras with apricot compote and pistachio chip … balsamic reduction sauce … side of celery and apple salad, all blended so well together and the celery salad with apple was a great refresher

quail stuffed with froie gras with mint puree, reduction foam, and small quail leg … great flavors, even the foam!

eggplant cannoli with lamb and tomato puree and side of vegetables

baked apple pie with vanilla cream sauce with cinnamon ice cream

cherry jelly with cheesecake in a chocolate dome with special japanese sugar and foam … it was so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it, but I did, and it was delicious!

coffee and special dessert from the chef … sesame cream with mango (really good, who would’ve thought?)

Left Our Hearts in Tokyo …

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We’re back! Me & Dee’s trip to tokyo was nothing short of amazing … the fashions, the foods, the overly hospitable people … missing it already *sigh*  One of our first stops was the Moussy showroom thanks to our dear friend Toshi, who we’ve been working with on the collaboration with Threadsence.  First thing we see walking in is giant  pictures of Abbey Lee Kershaw in the Spring/Summer Moussy Ad campaign from floor to ceiling … it was gorgeous.  Since the last time we were there, the entire showroom was remodeled to resemble their current theme of “indie wanderers” … a bit rustic, yet still very Moussy.  We weren’t able to take “detailed” pictures like last time, but we were able to sneak some in …

2nd stop, SHIBUYA 109!! This building is the heart of tokyo fashion for the young & trendy … 7 floors of pure bliss.  The stores within ranges from various styles like girly n frilly, edgy and modern, classic and chic, & rocker glam.  Tokyo fashion is constantly changing and some of the trends we saw consisted of denims paired with lace, screen printed tops, cropped over-the-shoulder tops in stripes, solids, and lace paired with anything floral, nautical tops, dresses, shorts, and jewelry, boater & military hats, and lots and lots of maxi dresses paired with cropped tops or vests (our favorite).  Its against rules to take pictures in this building (no camera signs everywhere you turn), but of course we couldn’t resist … here’s what we were able to manage …

Another famous building of Tokyo is La Foret in the famous Harajuku… filled with more designer end brands and includes Tokyo’s very first TopShop

More of our adventerous day at 0101 Jam & 0101 City …

(a cute japanese sales girl we had to take a pic with … loved her outfit: lace top with dramatic shoulders and floral mini skirt paired with a wide leather black belt and black ankle boots)

And onto the shopping, our favorite hehe …

denim mini with a lace insert

nautical pleated stripe tube top with a ruffled hem … looks so cute in person, and the intricate pleating detail made this piece stand out from the rest

pleated and lace tiered shorts … yes shorts!! can it get any cuter?!

another version of the pleated tiers and lace, but this time in the form of a romper!

look familiar?? its the adorable romper from our vintage getaway post… our favorite!!

lacy flowy top

bandage mini skirts … love the hot pink!

floral mini dress with zipper detail

floral printed denim shorts … how cute is it? like we said before, its the next big thing!

this sexy black tee with a v-shaped mesh insert in the back that shows just enough skin …

this other sexy black top and torn stringy back, really like the draped criss cross of it

another top with back detail, this one with lace

simple black maxi with a unqiue web detail along neckline

lacy crop top with floral tank – saw many of these while in tokyo

white crop top – also great with high waist skirts, shorts, and of course MAXI DRESSES!

Tokyo … til we meet again …

Tokyobound! Moussy, here we come!!

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Yep, that’s right! Dee & I are headed to our favorite land of amazing shopping and yummy food.  Our #1 destination is definitely the Shibuya 109 building, all the clothes, I have butterflies just thinking about it. And if we’re lucky … maybe we’ll get the chance to see the Moussy showroom again *fingers crossed*  We’ll have updates on the latest fashion and pictures of the trip so stay tuned!!

So we don’t leave you empty handed … here are the newly released Moussy Spring Summer 2010 ad campaign with the sexy Abbey Lee Kershaw (you only got a teaser last time).  One word to describe it … STUNNING! Moussy never disappoints …

Click here to shop moussy 🙂


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More fashion bloggers are getting noticed for their great style and inspiring outlook on fashion and trends.   Gals like Louise, Carolina, Julia, & Tavi are turning heads worldwide! Here’s more from june’s Vivi magazine that we’ve spotted …

Julia Frakes from bunny Bisous & Tavi Gevinson from Style Rookie (p.s. she began at age 11!! fashion genious!)

Louise Ebel from Pandora & Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad